2017-09-07 09:49:06 by Alt3r3dgd


I made my own SoundCloud page!

Go follow me:


2017-09-02 14:31:56 by Alt3r3dgd

Hey, little EDM lovers :LENNYTHINK:

I thought about making an EP :)

Should I?

If yes, why? If not, why?

Some details ;)

2017-06-29 12:54:56 by Alt3r3dgd

Hey guys

Wanna credit my teacher

He is XspoZe

He creates awesome tracks

But his music wasn't frontpaged

Help him!


2017-06-27 10:32:42 by Alt3r3dgd

Hey guys!

I'm so happy that Ancient Travel is frontpaged :)

I know that this track isn't very nice and doesn't deserve it much, but I'll try better later :3

Alt. Alt. Alt. Alt. Alt. Alt. Alt. Alt. Alt.


2017-06-24 15:28:02 by Alt3r3dgd

Hey, little anime lovers 8)

You can contact me with:

GMail -

Discord - Alt3r3d#1171

VK -

Geometry Dash - Alt3r3d

Twitter - @alt3r3dgd

YouTube -

Twitch - alt3r3dgd


Portal and Ancient Travel

2017-06-24 14:30:01 by Alt3r3dgd

Hey dudes!

I have uploaded Portal and Ancient Travel and... You can use it in Geometry Dash right now!

Hope you enjoy the songs)))


Music lol

2017-06-18 04:47:30 by Alt3r3dgd

Hey guys!

I made my first track named Portal

It will be uploaded soon!


My new NG Page!

2017-02-21 07:54:33 by Alt3r3dgd

Hi all)/

I'm Alt3r3d (was ReDSt0n3F4ll)

And now I have the new NG page!

I will post here some news, pics and music :3



Your Alt <3